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by Roberto And Michele on Friday, March 15, 2019 11:51 AM

Yesterday and today I've been feeling a little hopeless.  I know that's just me being impatient.  I know this will take time.  I know we just started this journey.  But at night when I lay down to sleep, I think of a baby I don't know yet.  I love a baby I don't know yet.  Nate asks us all the time when he will get to meet his little brother or sister.  He's nesting already and wants to go shopping for the baby.  At night we pray for the baby.  We ask God to tell the baby we are working hard to find you.  I'm trying everything I can think of and taking all the advice that's being given to me.  Roberto is so supportive and hopeful.  The other night when we were mailing letters with drop cards out I saw him kiss he envelopes before dropping them in the mailbox.  He's amazing. 

This will happen.  We will find you. 

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